Brand Story

  • The brand comes from the English word Fabulous as we believe in the product— with incredible magic and full of perfections.
  • The Chinese word FA (from transliteration of the first syllable of the word Fabulous) is a refined glaze, which is applied in the coating part of high class utensils.
  • The Chinese word BO (from transliteration of the second syllable of the word Fabulous) means platinum, a precious metal with great malleability, which can be made into very thin products.The transliteration of English and the deep meaning with Chinese version both embody the brand concept of taking care of your skin sincerely.
  • Three main advantages of Fabulous
  • 1. Product advantage
    •  The group develops its own products which will be made in Taiwan (MIT).
           Taiwan factories has over twenty years’ experience in producing the top US brands, with ISO9000
           international quality qualification, meeting the international standards. Besides, the products
           are verified by the National Institute of Medical Science, approving that there
           are none of Heavy metal and preservatives.
  • 2. R&D advantage
    •  We keep constant efforts in developing our products to meet the market needs and endeavor to
           provide a product suitable for every individual.
    •  Taking advantage of the original intelligent products course combined with interactive analysis
           system, we offer scientific analysis to the research and development as assistance approach.
    •  The team of cosmetic experts are responsible for the research work.
  • 3. Expertise advantage
    • Fabulous has its own expert team, including experts in aesthetics, SPA, products, facial care, skin care,
           breasts and even the arteries,providing support to the brand in an all around way.